Our crops:

In Eco Finca Nogales we are specialized in fruit crops, with several exotic and subtropical species, and in vegetables of exquisite quality. We have chosen the species and varieties which have proven to adapt appropriately to our climatic conditions, programming the cycles that are more favourable to every crop, and paying special attention to each plant at all times by analysing its evolution in a certified 100% ecological process. With all this, we offer a high quality product in the market that is commercially competitive at the same time.

In the cultivation plots we can find bananas from the following varieties: pequeña enana, brier, gruesa palmera and palmeritas; avocados of the hass, fuerte and pinkerton varieties; mangoes of the keit, oesten and lipen types; tropical pineapple of the Spanish red and MD2 varieties, and papayas with the red lady and BH65 varieties. We produce as well a wide range of vegetables: aubergines, sweet potatoes, pumpkins, zucchini, tomatoes, bell peppers, and potatoes, among others. We give a lot of attention and care to the cultivation and harvesting of these vegetables so that our products contain the highest levels of nutritional quality and respond to the demands of our customers.