What do we do?


Our commitment is to develop fully sustainable and balanced organic farming. Firstly, we pay special attention to the soils for cultivation, as we consider that they are the vital support to preserve the highest level of biodiversity, in clear harmony with our respect to the environment.

Secondly, we care for the plants, fruits and vegetables that we cultivate, carrying out sustainable and chemical-free processes with the purpose of guaranteeing the highest nutritional values and healthy properties. As a result of this effort, we put on the market a select and certified production for our customers, while we strive to promote the development of the ecological practices in the agricultural sector of the island and among consumers.

We help to maintain and increase the fertility of the soil with the use of liquid fertilizers (compost tea), solid fertilizers (compost and manure) and green fertilizers (remains of crops and volunteer plants). A high percentage of the manure used in Eco Finca Nogales come from nearby farms, as we understand that this is the better way to establish links of mutual collaboration, at the same time that we guarantee that the agricultural and livestock waste generated in surrounding areas do not have a polluting effect in the environment. We have verified that the appearance of pests is minimized after following this technique, while the crops grow with greater vitality and the production is of higher quality.


Elaboration of Ecological Fertilizer (Spanish Language)

SEFEL (Liquid Ecological Fertilizer Development System) (Spanish Language)

– Improves organic soil.
– Balances the ground.
– It works for any type of crop.