Our mission:

In Ecofinca Nogales we promote organic farming, ecotourism, and the use of our facilities to celebrate unique experiences such as social, educational and corporate events in a natural environment with the aim of encouraging environmental awareness.

Our vision:

To protect the environment and the health of people, promoting the cultivation and consumption of organic products.

To continue making solid progress in the development of ecological tourism activities and become one of the most important ecological farms on the island of La Palma and the Canary Islands.

To become a place of reference for celebrations and special events.

Our values:


Our guidelines are consistent with our values, thoughts and feelings, aiming to establish solid relationships between the people and institutions with which we are involved.


We continue working to achieve and consolidate a great team based on communication, coordination, trust, respect, and most importantly, commitment and sense of belonging in our work.


We focus on the search and continuous update of our methods and procedures, in order to achieve the highest satisfaction for our customers and be more competitive in the market.

Environmental awareness:

Our philosophy is to promote environmental awareness and education, as well as changing attitudes and values to achieve environmental conservation.

Product quality:

We promote the highest standards of our products and services, meeting the needs and preferences of our customers with a fair cost-benefit ratio, so that they have the best perception and satisfaction with our work.


We assume with great maturity and ethics the consequences of our actions. We voluntarily comply with our commitments and obligations to others, being aware of the implications of our actions and decisions.

Transparency and trust:

We give our clients access to real-time information about our products and services, in order to show transparency and build mutual trust, minimizing risks and providing adequate solutions in specific situations.


At Ecofinca Nogales we support the balance and preservation of natural resources, promoting conscious responsibility for environmental issues, and helping to maintain healthy ecosystems.


in Ecofinca Nogales we treat everyone equally, regardless of their social class, race, sex or religion. We promote respect for the characteristics of each individual and give a deep sense of justice as a fundamental right.