SINCE 1960

Who are we?

It all started with the initiative of Mr. Nicasio Piñero Concepción, our father, who in the 60s of the last century decided to carry out different farming activities on this lands under the “conventional agriculture” techniques which prevailed at that time. A few decades later, and following his wise guidelines, the Agrarian Society of Transformation Las Toscas was created in the 90s. Along with this generational change, we took on the challenge of achieving wider viability in our business activity, which at that time was strongly oriented towards the production of bananas and wine.

Our business, later rebranded as Agro Las Toscas SL., is located in a paradisiacal area in the Northeast of the Island of La Palma, in the coastal strip of the village of Puntallana. It is 6 kilometres away from its population centre, and 15 kilometres away from the capital of the island, Santa Cruz de La Palma. The environment is a perfect summary of the most outstanding attractions of the island; it is no surprise that La Palma has been named “La Isla Bonita” or “The beautiful island” for the variety and richness of its landscapes. We are surrounded by mountains with a special natural light, along paths that run through dreamy landscapes, facing the breadth of the ocean, and at all times accompanied by the magnificence of the vegetation. The Nogales ravine, one of the most important natural ravines of the island, and the Nogales beach, an open space to the wide sea that surprises visitors by the softness of its black sand and by the cleanliness of its water, can be found near our farm.

From the beginning we have decided that our project must be based on the principles of organic farming, always developing respectful processes with the environment. We set out to provide our clients with distinguishable products of the highest quality and maximum food security. As a result of this effort, in 2009 we were registered in the Registry of Operators of Ecological Production of the Canary Islands (ROPE), for our subtropical and exotic crops.

This year, the managers of the company, Rubén Piñero Hernández and Clara Isabel de Paz Bravo, husband and wife, together with their children Iván and Leyra, have developed a new and specific strategy within Agro Las Toscas SL aiming to boost the promotion and development of ecotourism under the name Eco Finca Nogales. Those who visit us will have the chance to experience the result of our work and the possibility of getting to know the principles of sustainability and preservation that we follow, while contemplating and enjoying the natural and cultural values of our environment.

Eco Finca Nogales has been equipped with the best infrastructure and facilities to carry out eco-tourist activities comfortably and designed in harmony with its natural setting, resulting in a perfect spot to host social and corporate events thanks to its versatility and wide biodiversity, a place where unique experiences are guaranteed.